Eid al-Fitr Updates at MACA

There will be TWO SALAH, InshaAllah. The date will be confirmed by Tuesday afternoon based on moon sighting updates.

1st Salah @ 8:00 AM (65 brothers only)
2nd Salah @ 8:45 AM (65 brothers only)

Age group 13-65 accepted
Sisters and Children, unfortunately, due the limitations that the pandemic situation has brought in, we request you to please pray at home

Zakat al-Fitr (Ramadan Fitra) donation is accepted at MACA at $10 per head.
Click here to give Fitra at MACA
. Remember Fitra must be paid before praying the Eīd Salāh. Donate in time to distribute to the needy.

Ways to Donate

Support your Masjid and the community.
Earn Great Rewards from Allah (SWT). Prepare for your Hereafter.

Zakat - The 3rd Pillar

What is Zakat?
What is Fiqh behind Zakat?
How to calculate?
Links to Online Zakat Calculators

Ramadan Schedule

4/12 – 4/2229th Shaaban – 10th Ramadan5:45 AM9:15 PM
4/23 – 5/211th Ramadan – 20th Ramadan5:40 AM9:30 PM
5/3 – 5/1320th Ramadan – 1st Shawwal5:00 AM9:40 PM
Taraweeh Prayers will begin immediately after Isha Prayers
Taraweeh Prayer will consist of 8 Rakat's
After 4 Rakat's of Taraweeh, there will be a small Khatirah session (5-10 min speech)

MACA 2021 Iqamah Schedule

MonthDate RangeFajrDuhrAsrMaghribIsha
Apr1 to 126:00 AM1:30 PM5:30 PM5 min9:00 PM
Apr13 to 305:45 AM1:30 PM5:30 PM5 min9:30 PM
May1 to 125:15 AM1:30 PM5:30 PM5 min9:45 PM
May13 to 315:00 AM1:30 PM5:30 PM5 min10:00 PM
Jun1 to 305:00 AM1:30 PM5:30 PM5 min10:15 PM
Jul1 to 155:15 AM1:30 PM5:30 PM5 min10:15 PM
Jul16 to 315:30 AM1:30 PM5:30 PM5 min10:15 PM
Aug1 to 155:30 AM1:30 PM5:30 PM5 min10:00 PM
Aug16 to 315:45 AM1:30 PM5:30 PM5 min9:30 PM
Sep1 to 156:00 AM1:30 PM5:30 PM5 min9:00 PM
Sep16 to 306:00 AM1:30 PM5:15 PM5 min8:30 PM
Oct1 to 146:30 AM1:30 PM5:00 PM5 min8:15 PM
Oct15 to 316:30 AM1:30 PM5:00 PM5 min8:00 PM
Nov1 to 66:30 AM1:30 PM4:30 PM5 min7:30 PM
Nov7 to 306:15 AM12:30 PM3:45 PM5 min7:00 PM
Dec1 to 316:30 AM12:30 PM3:45 PM5 min7:00 PM

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Muslim American Community Association (MACA), also known as Voorhees Islamic Center, is a local Islamic Center in South Jersey. Located in Voorhees NJ, it is central to Gibbsboro, Lindenwold, Clementon, Berlin and Evesham Township and close proximity to Kirkwood, Alluvium, etc.