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Sadaqah is a voluntary donation intended with the sole purpose of pleasing Allah and can be given anytime of the year.

Zakat is a 3rd Pillar of Islam and is an obligatory act upon all eligible Muslims. Want to learn the Fiqh behind Zakat and how to calculate? Click Here.

Jumm’ah Khutbah at 1:00 PM and Iqamah around 1:35 pm / 1:40 pm
(mostly remain same for whole year)

Mar 23 - Apr 016:00 AM1:30 PM4:45 PMSunset8:45 PM8:55 PM9:10 PM
Apr 02 - Apr 115:45 AM1:30 PM4:45 PMSunset9:00 PM9:10 PM9:25 PM
Apr 12 - Apr 215:30 AM1:30 PM5:00 PMSunset9:10 PM9:20 PM9:35 PM

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Muslim American Community Association (MACA), also known as Voorhees Islamic Center, is a local Islamic Center in South Jersey. Located in Voorhees NJ, it is central to Gibbsboro, Lindenwold, Clementon, Berlin and Evesham Township and close proximity to Kirkwood, Alluvium, etc.