Guiding the strategic direction of our organization, the MACA Board of Trustees holds a crucial role. Our board consists of experienced leaders from diverse backgrounds who selflessly devote their time and expertise to serving our community. They ensure that MACA operates with integrity, transparency, and a steadfast commitment to achieving our goals.

Get to know the exceptional people leading MACA's mission.

Bilal Alkiyal
General Administration & Management
Aqil Khan
Principal, Sunday School for Young Learners
Mumtaz Bodla
Projects, Financial & Expense Management
Zahida Rahman
Sisters Programs, Interfaith Outreach, Accounting

Our Board of Trustees are deeply committed to upholding MACA’s mission and values, providing strategic direction, and ensuring financial accountability. The board oversees operational and administrative activities, manages resources, guarantees ethical operations, and represents MACA in legal, civic, accounting, and tax matters. Their unwavering dedication to ethical leadership, transparency, and continuous improvement is central to fulfilling our Islamic Center’s mission.

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