MACA Sunday School: Nurturing Young Muslim Minds

Welcome to MACA Sunday School! We provide a vibrant and engaging Islamic educational experience for children in Voorhees and surrounding South Jersey communities. With passionate volunteer teachers and a commitment to affordable education, we empower Muslim children to deepen their knowledge of the Quran, Islamic studies, and Quranic Arabic.

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Our Programs

Quranic Arabic

Explore the language of the Quran and deepen your understanding.

Our program fosters reading, writing, and basic comprehension skills of Quranic Arabic, unlocking deeper connections to the holy text.

Quranic Studies

Uncover the profound wisdom and timeless teachings of the Quran.

Our studies program guides children through the stories, lessons, and principles within the Quran, strengthening their faith and understanding of Islam.

Islamic Studies

Build a solid foundation in Islamic history, practices, and beliefs.

Children will explore the pillars of Islam, the life of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), and the core values shaping a Muslim’s life.

what makes our Islamic school different

The values we live by

Passionate Teachers

Our dedicated volunteer teachers strive to cultivate a love for Islam and establish a positive learning atmosphere for your child.

Affordable Education

Our belief is that Islamic education should be accessible to everyone. Our affordable tuition ensures that quality instruction is within reach for every Muslim family.

Cheerful Muslim girl student in front of mosque

Welcoming Environment

At MACA Sunday School, children have the opportunity to learn, develop, and build meaningful relationships rooted in their faith.

Community Focus

MACA Sunday School promotes a sense of connection and belonging among our young students, integrating them into the larger Muslim community in South Jersey.

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