Imam Ihtisam Qureshi

Imam Qureshi, born and raised in Pakistan, brings a wealth of knowledge and inspiration to the MACA community. An Islamic scholar and preacher renowned for his eloquent and thought-provoking sermons, Imam Qureshi has a remarkable ability to elucidate the teachings and principles of Islam in a way that resonates with contemporary audiences.

With his profound knowledge, unwavering dedication, and a genuine passion for serving the community, Imam Ihtisam Qureshi is a true asset to MACA Mosque, guiding us on the path of spiritual enlightenment and personal transformation.

Beyond his duties within the mosque, Imam Qureshi is actively engaged in interfaith dialogue and community outreach efforts, working tirelessly to promote mutual understanding and foster harmonious relationships between Muslims and people of other faiths. His commitment to bridging cultural divides and fostering inclusivity is truly admirable.

What sets Imam Qureshi apart is his unique ability to reconcile traditional Islamic teachings with modern sensibilities, making the timeless wisdom of the faith accessible and relevant to contemporary society. His sermons not only enlighten but also inspire listeners to embody the values of compassion, justice, and personal growth.

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