A Beacon of Unity in South NJ

Muslim American Community Association (MACA) is committed to serve as a center for religious development, social, educational, and cultural enrichment based upon the principles and teachings of The Quran and The Sunnah (the teachings of The Prophet (PBUH) in Islam). We believe in the Oneness of God and emphasizing peace and unity among humanity. 

Our beloved Voorhees Islamic Center, a beacon of unity for the communities of South Jersey including Voorhees, Gibbsboro, Lindenwold, Clementon, Berlin, Evesham Township, Kirkwood, Alluvium, and beyond, stands as a testament to the power of our collective faith and generosity.

Our facility is well-known and highly visible in Voorhees and other nearby cities. Thousands of cars drive by the facility each day. The signage includes recognizable Islamic identity.

MACA Mosque Entrance Billboaard

Promoting Interfaith Harmony and Community Engagement

MACA also supports and takes part in promoting harmony, understanding and sharing good values with all faiths and cultures through inter-faith dialogues, platforms, programs and activities. We are committed to promoting excellence in community life with human dignity through humanity beneficial programs, thus creating an environment of peace-loving neighborhoods, cities, and the country. We publicize community programs through emails, social media, and website to promote events and programs. Our Sunday School has a large attendance of children keen to learn the religion. Prominent Islamic speakers and clerics from across the country have visited our facility to deliver lectures.

What we offer

  • Daily Prayers: We facilitate daily prayers in a peaceful and welcoming environment.
  • Educational Programs: We offer educational programs for all ages, fostering Islamic knowledge and understanding.
  • Community Events: We host various community events that promote connection, interfaith dialogue, and social activities.
  • Open Doors: Our doors are always open to anyone seeking a place for prayer, reflection, or to learn more about Islam.

We Welcome You All

MACA Masjid welcomes everyone, regardless of faith background, to learn more about Islam and experience our vibrant community. We are committed to fostering peace, understanding, and respect for all. We cherish:

  • Inclusivity: We welcome everyone, regardless of background or affiliation.
  • Compassion: We strive to serve our community with kindness and understanding.
  • Education: We believe in lifelong learning and promoting Islamic knowledge.
  • Unity: We foster a sense of community and togetherness.

Our Mission

“The association shall strive to provide a culture and an environment for Muslims where they can practice, maintain, preserve,establish, and advance their lives according to the principles and teaching of Islam.”

Our History

MACA Masjid was established in 2001 through the tireless efforts and sacrifices of our founders and their supporters. The journey was not without challenges, as some local residents initially opposed our establishment. However, through perseverance and a commitment to interfaith understanding, MACA Masjid has become a cherished cornerstone of the Voorhees community. We are particularly grateful for the dedication of the late Zia Rahman, whose leadership was instrumental in our founding.

The Muslim American Community Association has been approved by the IRS as a registered 501(3)(c) charitable organization.

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